Trading Exchange Technology

Our proprietary exchange trading technology was first developed in the 1990s. Tens of millions of dollars have been invested in its development over the past two decades and the result is the most advanced exchange trading technology available in the market.

Developed entirely in the native “C” assembly language, our exchange trading technology includes a proprietary “BBO” (Best Bid and Offer) Matching Engine that automatically matches the best bid and offer for all transactions. We have integrated dozens of banks and financial institutions into our technology ecosystem, including 7 of the 10 largest foreign exchange banks in the world. The results is a significant amount of trading liquidity that normal sell-side broker platforms simply cannot offer in terms market depth, speed, scalability, and reliability.

Our core technology components include the Best Bid and Offer (BBO) Matching Engine, our proprietary BBO Fix with FIX API (application program interface) engines, our proprietary web server, and much more.

Our comprehensive, turn-key solution is ideal for exchanges, banks, brokerage houses, hedge funds, money managers, individual developers, and many other types of market participants. Notably, our exchange trading technology supports algorithmic trading activities and is high frequency trading (HFT)-friendly.

Latency-sensitive sell-side firms such as FOREX brokers, banks, etc. benefit from our technology by offering real-time pricing to their clients with a minimization of the impact of arbitrage and other trading strategies that may be characterized as toxic and unwanted by brokers.

Latency-sensitive buy-side participants such as hedge funds and speculators benefit from our technology by being able to develop and utilize short-term trading strategies including arbitrage. One can easily see natural arbitrage trading opportunities with the naked eye when viewing our exchange trading client platform.

Risk managers, portfolio hedgers, and proprietary trading desks of all types benefit from our exchange trading technology because it provides direct market access to preferred asset classes where there is significant liquidity.

For market participants who are familiar with MetaTrader 4 (MT4), we have developed and offer proprietary MT4 plug-ins to enhance the trading experience including a customized MT4 server.

We consider our advanced exchange trading technology to be wholly unique, without peers, and the most sophisticated and easy-to-use trading solution in the market.