Our Focus

Trading Exchanges

Our Technology Division developed the world’s first Bitcoin electronic communications network (ECN) years ago, a network of decentralized Bitcoin exchanges connected through application program interfaces (APIs). This network of decentralized Bitcoin exchanges continues to serve our clients today and is where a significant amount of Bitcoin trading takes place. The decentralized Bitcoin exchanges that comprise our electronic communications network include some of the largest and most liquid Bitcoin exchanges in the market.

Existing operators of trading exchanges and bourses can utilize our technology to intermediate trading activities in multiple asset classes. These asset classes include but are not limited to foreign exchange, precious metals, futures, equities, commodities, contracts for difference (CFDs), and other derivatives. Our robust trading technology can connect to sell-side liquidity providers and market-makers through FIX API protocol or other protocols.

Other market participants who are not existing operators of trading exchanges and bourses but who want to participate in trading can also benefit from our turnkey technology. Our easy-to-use, end-to-end trading exchange technology solutions can position even the most inexperienced market operators with the ability to thrive.

Coupled with our robust and proprietary matching engine where “Best Bids” and “Best Offers” are matched, our connection to liquidity providers provides buy-side and sell-side market participants with the ability to source and intermediate deep pools of market liquidity from multiple counterparties.

Our technology provides market participants with an unfair market advantage. 99%+ of the licensable trading technology available in the commercial market today is either geared to the buy-side (i.e. algorithms, Expert Advisors, etc.) or the sell-side (i.e. trading platforms, MetaTrader 4, etc.). Our technology bridges the gap between the buy-side and sell-side and allows market operators to intermediate between the buy-side through a no-conflict, equal trading rights market environment.