Our Focus


Liquidity is a key consideration for every trader, whether or not every trader consciously realizes it or not.

Liquidity refers to the ease with which one can find bids and offers in the market to execute one’s trades.

We started developing our trading technology in the 1990s and soon we were licensing our technology to banks, FOREX brokerage firms, and other sell-side participants. While we still support these types of institutional sell-side clients, our business model evolved several years ago with a drive toward innovation. Our principal focus is developing trading exchange technology for registered trading exchanges, unregistered trading exchanges, private exchanges, and other types of similar market operators.

Exchanges sit between buy-side market participants such as speculators and sell-side market participants such as banks and brokers.

Exchanges are market-neutral, equal trading rights trading venues where orders get routed from the buy-side to the sell-side market participant that is offering the best bid or best offer at the time of execution.

Liquidity is the hallmark of our trading exchange technology. By offering pricing from many of the world’s largest foreign exchange banks and non-bank liquidity providers, we dynamically offer our technology licensees’ end-user trading clients with the lowest trading costs in the industry. This results in greater opportunities for profits.

Surveys from central banks, commercial banks, and other market participants confirm that approximately US$ 5.3 trillion is traded daily in the foreign exchange markets. Most of this trading and dealing involves the world’s largest foreign exchange banks, and our liquidity providers contribute to this massive amount of daily trading activity.

In fact, our liquidity is so deep that our technology team recently introduced a sixth decimal place when quoting foreign exchange rates, the first known time that this has taken place. This can only be reliably accomplished as a result of the appreciable amount of foreign exchange liquidity that we offer.