Our Focus

Foreign Exchange

Members of our team were pioneers in the online foreign exchange trading industry, dating to the 1990s. Trillions of dollars in trading volume later, their attention remains focused on providing access to the deepest pools of liquidity utilizing proprietary trading technology.

Our exchange trading technology is currently connected to seven of the top ten Euromoney foreign exchange banks in the world. In total, our exchange trading technology is connected to more than twenty banks and non-bank liquidity providers, offering our licensees’ end-user trading clients the best trading experience in the market.

Our licensees’ end-user clients can trade on our proprietary front-end trading platform technology with the tightest spreads and best pricing available in the industry. Moreover, our Technology Division has written several proprietary MetaTrader4 (MT4) plug-ins to enhance the MT4 trading experience.

Our trading exchange technology is the most advanced and reliable in the world because it is written in the generic “C” assembly language, the same language that powers the operating system of mobile devices, computers, and even aircraft. As a result, latency is measured in microseconds, and not milliseconds. The colocations for our technology are optimally positioned near the colocations of the world’s largest foreign exchange banks so that our licensees’ end-user trading clients can benefit from the power of speed.

In addition to foreign exchange, also known as “FX” or “FOREX,” our trading technology supports the trading of multiple asset classes including equities, contracts for difference (CFDs), futures, precious metals, options, and other derivatives. Our technology can literally support more than 10,000 tradable instruments from a single instance or deployment. Therefore, our technology is robust, scalable, and reliable.

Sophisticated traders will find that our technology can be used for arbitrage because we offer an appreciable amount of turn-key liquidity. They will also find that our technology is algorithm-friendly and conductive to high frequency trading (HFT).

Banks and other brokers will find that connecting to our exchange trading technology and liquidity is easy and seamless through reliable FIX API connectivity protocols. We publish our API documentation in full so that third parties such as banks and brokers can easily connect to our technology, pricing, and trade execution capabilities.