Our Focus

Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets

Most of us are familiar with Bitcoin in one way or another. Most of us may not have ever traded Bitcoin, but many of us are familiar with Bitcoin as a concept and as something of an “alternative currency.” We read and hear about Bitcoin in the media and we even encounter merchants who now accept Bitcoin as a medium of exchange.

One needs to dig much deeper and further beyond Bitcoin to gain a more comprehensive understanding about the asset class of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. We specialize in marketing and providing technology solutions to promote cryptocurrencies and digital assets as a unique asset class.

The current market capitalization of the entire Bitcoin money supply is approximately US$ 10 billion, depending on daily exchange rate fluctuations. Moreover, it has been estimated that approximately 2,000 individuals control about 75% of the Bitcoin in the market. Stated differently, about 2,000 individuals control about US$ 7.5 billion in the market capitalization of Bitcoin.

Many market observers suggest that this represents a very inequitable concentration of wealth and power in the hands of very few industry participants. When one considers that the entire Bitcoin money supply sometimes turns over 1-2 times weekly, this is indicative of the fact that Bitcoin has a very fast trading velocity, an observation that is transparently supported by the data available on Bitcoin’s blockchain.

There are currently more than 710 known cryptocurrencies and digital assets in the industry. While most of these will never achieve critical mass, some will continue to gain in popularity, market capitalization, and in trading volumes.

The opportunity to become involved in cryptocurrencies and digital assets can be rewarding from many perspectives including capital appreciation and portfolio diversification.

Our mission is to provide institutions and retail clients with the tools required to successfully participate in this exciting asset class.