About Us

Our History

Founded in (HONG KONG), our initial mandate focused on the marketing of exchange trading technology to institutional and corporate clients. This business-to-business marketing approach was designed to equip banks, brokerage firms, securities companies, trading exchanges, and other capital markets participants with the technology required to provide their customers with the best possible trading experience in the markets. Our success is quantifiable by the numerous banks, other institutional participants, and countless end-user trading clients who have traded with the trading technology that we continue to market to this day.

The advent of emerging asset classes involving cryptocurrencies and digital assets has provided the capital markets with non-traditional trading opportunities. These newer asset classes are less than a decade old but have gained immense popularity due to the global financial crisis, ongoing financial dislocations, and unprecedented amount of governmental intervention in the global capital markets.

As these asset classes continue to mature and widen in popularity, we are ideally situated to avail trading technology to meet tomorrow’s unique challenges.