About Us


Our management team is comprised of capital markets professionals, technology specialists, and marketing professionals.

Our Capital Markets Division is headed by Wall Street executives who helped launch the world’s largest foreign exchange sell-side company, currently traded on the NASDAQ exchange in New York and trading more than US$ 300 billion monthly on average. Our team also includes a former Asian central banker and parties who have successfully launched other trading exchanges.

Our Technology Division is headed by the world’s foremost trading technology developers. These developers started to develop proprietary technology solutions for banks, brokerage firms, securities companies, trading exchanges, and other capital markets participants in the 1990s. Decades later, this technology has evolved and is now the leading exchange trading technology available in the capital markets. Several billion dollars of capital markets transactions are traded and intermediated daily on this exchange trading technology.

Our Marketing Division is focused on providing the trading technology developed by our Technology Division. This trading technology continues to be successfully deployed across multiple asset classes including foreign exchange, precious metals, futures, equities, commodities, contracts for difference (CFDs), and other derivatives. Given the recent explosion in popularity of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, our Marketing Division works closely with developers of cryptocurrencies and digital assets who seek to have trading venues where the trading of cryptocurrencies and digital assets can take place.